Crafting the best milk tea experience.

Bubbly Tea House is a family-owned business that strives to provide customers with the best tea experience in a fun, contemporary environment. Our drinks are hand-crafted with premium quality ingredients, and can be customized to your liking. Additionally, our shop is equipped with two gaming stations for customers to enjoy while sipping our delicious drinks. 

We are committed to becoming environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. We hope to help sustain our planet's natural resources by offering reusable glass bottles with each drink purchase. Come visit us today!



(408) 624-7170


1816 Tully Road
Suite 166
San Jose, CA 95122


Monday-Sunday    11am-9pm

Specialty Drinks


jasmine green tea
black tea
earl grey tea


black pearls
white agar pearls
egg pudding
aloe vera
grass jelly
lychee jelly
rainbow jelly
mango stars
strawberry hearts
real taro bits
mango popping boba
lychee popping boba


Bubbly Me
special oolong milk tea, flan

Cookie My Heart
black milk tea, creamer, oreo bits

Twist of Grey
earl grey milk tea, egg pudding, black pearls

taro milk tea, real taro bits

Pink Dream
jasmine milk tea, strawberry hearts

Sweet Hulk
honeydew green milk tea, agar pearls

Rose Petal
rose green milk tea, agar pearls

thai milk tea, black pearls, agar pearls

Matcha Latte
thai green milk tea, black pearls

Hojicha Latte
hojicha milk tea, creamer, grass jelly

Lychee Freeze
jasmine milk tea, lychee bits, black pearls

Fruit TeaS

Sweet Passion
jasmine green tea, passion fruit, fresh fruit bits

Mango Lush
jasmine green tea, mango, fresh mango bits

Winter Bliss
jasmine green tea, winter melon, aloe vera

Lemony Crush
jasmine green tea, lemon, winter melon, aloe vera

Princess Peach
jasmine green tea, peach, rainbow jelly

Sweet Citrus
jasmine green tea, kumquat, aloe vera

jasmine green tea, mango & pineapple, fresh fruit bits

Summer Breeze
jasmine green tea, strawberry & lychee, organic chia seeds, lychee jelly

Pink Fizzy
strawberry lemonade, fresh strawberry bits

jasmine green tea, guava & passion fruit, black pearls, organic chia seeds


jasmine green tea, peach, mango, and pineapple with mango stars.


Bubbly Special
soda, creamer, fresh lychee bits

Mango Tango
soda, creamer, fresh mango bits

Strawberry Paradise
soda, creamer, fresh strawberry bits

Passion Sensation
soda, creamer, passion fruit

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